Festivals and Pumpkins

love that I captured her genuine laugh

A couple weekends ago we were told that Little One's art was picked to be an entry in the art show at an annual festival in our city. She was so excited. Little one LOVES anything to do with art. She could sit all day and color, draw, and write. We were surprised when we arrived at the festival and saw that she won second place in her age group! 

We also went to a pumpkin patch last weekend. They had corn mazes, a slide coming down from a fire truck, water pumps, and more!


Getting Second Opinions

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I used to be a girl who believed everything a doctor or dentist told me. That is until Little One had a bump in the road with one of her front teeth. Last year while we were in Virginia, our pediatric dentist informed us that Little One had an extra tooth that she was born with and it was coming down and would need to be taken out eventually. Fast forward to the beginning of this summer when Little One fell and knocked her front tooth loose.

I brought her to our pediatric dentist here in North Carolina who I've never been to before and went through a lot of waiting and insurance mumbo jumbo. Eventually the dentist took a look at her tooth and said that they would need to take out BOTH of her front teeth and then extract the extra tooth that's coming down and then put in false teeth (for cosmetic purposes). I told a family friend about this and she suggested I get a second opinion at the dentist her kid's went to because all of that didn't sound right to her which I agreed. A couple weeks later we went to the new dentist and he was very friendly and organized. He took a digital scan of her teeth (for free!) and told us that what will happen is once her already loose tooth falls out then he can extract the extra tooth and that's that. 

< ---- after she lost her tooth!

you can see a bit of her extra tooth coming down ---> 

A couple weeks later her tooth fell out while eating an apple and we made an appointment for a simple extraction. I was a bit nervous. The only experience I had with extractions were getting my wisdom teeth out and boy, was that ridiculous. I was immediately calmed when we went in there though. Little One brought her blanket and her stuffed puppy Goober and went through it all so well. She was talking up a storm with the dentist and his assistant and it all took literally 15 minutes most of that numbing her for pain. She got a ring and a couple of prizes for being so good. There was minimal bleeding and later on she was confused why her face felt odd (due to the numbing) and didn't like it but I was so proud of her. 

I would say to all moms or even for us adults to make sure you get a second opinion always on big medical procedures like this especially when you're child is so young. Also, always go to a doctor or dentist you 110% trust!   


Hello Stranger.

Oh hello there! I haven't "seen" you in awhile. What have I been up to? Oh you know, just took an unexpected hiatus, tried starting a new blog that didn't go anywhere, Mr. is out of the Navy and we are back with my parents for now. That's a long story for another day. 

I've been wanting to restart this blog again for some time now but I keep putting it off, so today I am doing it and just seeing where it will take me. I'm ready to share things with you all and grow those relationships again. 

I am excited for this adventure and I hope you are too! 


"Old Disney"

So if you're on Tumblr a lot, you'd know that a lot of people my age get really upset that the "New Disney" sucks and the "Old Disney" was so much better. I admit I do have to agree that our generation had amazing television shows and movies on Disney Channel. BUT. It IS a new generation and times are - a - changing so of course television will change too. Here are a ton of my favorite shows and movies I loved as a kid.

Lizzie McGuire 
My absolute favorite. I was in love with Hilary Duff and still am. She's such a role model and super amazing. 

best fucking show ever


Even Stevens
Oh Shia...


The Even Steven’s Halloween episode that used to make me practically pee my pants with laughter.
(anyone remember the epic Halloween episode?)


That's So Raven
"it's the future I can see"


Phil of the Future


if u didn’t have a crush on phil of the future as a kid ur life was a lie tbqh

Remember when Evan Peters (from American Horror Story) was on this show?

So Weird
I loved this supernatural show!


Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
and the other movies after that!


Stuck in the Suburbs
I admit I have this soundtrack and we listen to it at work sometimes.


All the Halloweentowns
-Definitely a tradition to watch all of these every Halloween


Don't Look Under the Bed
-I was so scared of this movie but still loved it

Smart House
I had a huge crush on Ryan Merriman

There are TONS more I love so much! What were your favorites?
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